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Where's iChat gone? It's been replaced with the Messages application. Alternatively, when a compatible Mac with Mavericks detects an Apple TV on the same network, the AirPlay Mirroring menu item appears in the menu bar and this can be used to turn the feature on. In addition audio can be streamed on its own - audio from your Mac is wirelessly sent to your Apple TV. Is it still available? Yes, but it has moved. I can access Wireless Diagnostics from the Wireless menu using the Option key but where is the actual application located on the hard disk?

What's going on? You must upgrade to OS X It's been removed from Mavericks. Is my personal Library folder still hidden? If I held the Command key down when opening a folder in the Finder it would open in a new Window but now it opens in a new Tab. Can this be changed? The Mavericks Finder has changed with the new Finder Tabs feature so the default preference is to open new Finder windows in a new tab.

I had the Finder set to "Always open folders in a new window" but this no longer works. The Mavericks Finder has changed with the new Finder Tabs feature so this preference has been removed and is no longer available, sorry. I have lots of Finder windows open. Is there an easy way to turn them into a tabbed Finder window?

OS X Mavericks: Using Apple's hidden Wi-Fi Diagnostics tool

Java needs to be reinstalled after installing Mavericks. See our article about Java for download links to obtain the latest Java software. When I browse web sites using Safari I keep getting asked whether to allow a plug-in to work. What's that about? Safari now has plug-in control on a per website basis. You can manage which websites can load plug-ins e. You can see all the browser plug-ins installed and a list of sites that want to use them.

There are five options: Ask, Block, Allow, Always Allow, and Run in Unsafe Mode Run in Unsafe Mode removes the plug-in from being "sandboxed" which is generally unwise as it is a security risk - only choose this option if you really need to. I've heard Safari can now save credit card details using the new iCloud Keychain feature. Is there a way to stop this?

The iCloud Keychain is an optional feature. I'm trying to print to my printer but it's not working properly.

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Printer drivers need to be reinstalled after installing Mavericks. I prefer iTunes Can I still use Mavericks installs iTunes You may be able to downgrade iTunes to v The directions in the new Maps application are in kilometers. Can I switch this to miles? The new Notifications centre is really annoying. There is a new "Turn on Do Not Disturb" option. Set this to a small timeframe while you are usually asleep e. However, note that Mavericks does use Notifications for some important system notices like software updates so use this feature wisely. Is the new SMB2 protocol in Mavericks causing issues?

I have multiple monitors but it all works differently in Mavericks e. The Dock is supposed to be available on multiple monitors but I can't see it. To save space and confusion it only appears when you try and drag something to the bottom of your screen - then it appears.

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Some of the new power saving options sound great. What should I do to enhance my battery life? Go to the Battery menu item and it now shows applications that are using significant power - go to each application that is listed and quit it when not in use.

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I really like the Dictation feature of OS X but it requires the internet. Is there any way to use this feature offline? My computer is set to sleep after a certain amount of time but if I am near the computer it won't go to sleep. Mavericks uses the ambient light sensors to sense movement in the near vicinity of the computer. If it senses movements it will delay the computer going to sleep. NOTE : This could be a security risk if you normally let your computer sleep after a short period of time. If you are security conscious you should setup and use a sleep "corner" in System Preferences or if you have a laptop close the lid before stepping away from your computer.

Most Apple computers include a built-in iSight camera. Can this be blocked using Parental Controls? Parental Controls now includes the ability to disable the built-in camera.

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I used to use the Finder's QuickLook feature to preview videos but it's no longer working with some videos or there is a huge pause before it previews. Some types of files will be converted on the fly to mp4 prior for playback hence the pause or they won't preview at all. You can still use QuickTime Player 7 or a third party video application e. VLC to playback non-mp4 files.

I use Finder Labels to colour code my files and folders but now the colours have disappeared.

Network Utility in OS X Mavericks | Marek Bell

Labels have been replaced by Finder "Tags". You can still tag files and folders with colours but they no longer highlight in full colour - instead there is a Finder window column for tags which are identified by coloured dots. For the generic term, see Network utility. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. History Architecture Components Server Software. Server 1. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What this strange output in Network Utility means when I do whois for apple.

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Viewed times. This question already has an answer here: Whois command corrupted on mac 3 answers. Igor Rusinov Igor Rusinov 6. Igor, please, take a look at this question. It is about the same problem as you have and it explains why it happens. Also, this question explains a lot. I see that my question is clearly a duplicate.

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