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This will bring you to the System Preferences menu for keyboard shortcut. Click on the check boxes to enable these two options:.


The system will display yellow triangle icon to warn you that the default shortcut key Command-Space and Option-Command-Space are in used. Command -Space is actually the default used by Spotlight thus we need to change the keys.

Shortcut for Switching the Keyboard Language fast (Mac)

To change the keys assigned to the shortcuts, simply double-click on the shortcuts and type in the new shortcut keys. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

Enter your email address below: Posted by: October 8, at 4: John says: November 1, at MJD says: October 9, at T23 says: Alcide says: October 10, at 1: CatMan2 says: October 13, at Nakoury says: April 14, at 1: July 9, at 3: August 26, at Marie says: November 9, at 9: Tom Gewecke Tom Gewecke This allows the key bindings to cycle the input sources to be changed. It doesn't seem to be possible via any settings menu though. AdamMillerchip If you are talking about changing the mapping of keys in a particular input source, there are two apps for that, Ukelele and Karabiner.

TomGewecke I don't think that's what Adam Millerchip is asking. It would be nice if I could set F12 to activate the Azerty keyboard layout and F13 to activate the Qwerty keyboard layout, for instance.

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Flimm You may be right. For adding such shortcuts see apple.

How to Change Keyboard Shortcuts between Languages on Macintosh (Khmer)

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