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I have done everything. Well I just found something that has worked for me. Open "Activity Monitor" and "Quit' Finder.

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I do not know if my configuration is correct but I am not touching this until the backup is complete. I deleted the software and I reinstalled it. I think I might have made a slight error as the software told me that MyBookLive is already in use, so I accepted its suggestion and I renamed it to MyBookLive I think I should not have as now I will have to go in and delete the partial backup.

Small thing: I watched my speeds and they did not seem to change once Finder was back, but just incase I "Quit" "Finder" again. I am going to leave this running until tomorrow. Jun 15, Nov 1, Also if you directly connect MBL to the iMac running Sierra which ethernet cable are you supposed to use.

Cross-over or Straight-Through? I used both. Sometimes they both work and sometimes they both don't work!!! A little confused. I have a feeling its best to shell out the money and buy a common USB 3.

MyBook Live very slow on Mac - My Book Live - WD Community

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User profile for user: Majicmeow Majicmeow. For those who are willing to help me out, here are some details: Thank you in advance, -Aaron. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

Fixing WD MyBook Performance

LogicalAudio LogicalAudio. View answer in context. Loading page content. If you are using a ethernet cable cat 5e then you are going 1GIG ethernet both ways. Which is cool. But, Your drive is the bottle neck. Next move would be getting one of those SSD's, unless you have one already. Thanks again for the help, -Aaron btw, no SSD's Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

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Rick Wall Rick Wall. Audio Speciality level out of ten: Loxely Charlie. Please rate the helpfulness of this answer. Select your Language Language. My Book Live. My Cloud. My Cloud EX2 Ultra. My Cloud DL My Cloud Home. My Book Live Duo. My Cloud Mirror. My Cloud EX4. This is totally on you. You been warned. The goal is to remove enough processes so that the memory available is sufficient to service the really important jobs like serving remote file listing and transfer requests.

A good start is to decide what protocol you will be using.

I was experiencing single digits when I could get anything working at all prior to these changes. It works from both windows and Mac OS X. That means I can dump Apache. I like Apache in general but in this case it is the wrong choice.

why is my macbook lagging like this?? slow mac

Busy box or something lightweight would have been more appropriate in this age of IoT. By far the biggest resource hog. It had to go.

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Then I saw that a upnp daemon was running on the device. As this device is indeed behind a firewall two on my network but has no need to ask for automatic reconfiguration of the network devices, since I do not use it remotely like that, there is no good reason for this protocol to be running on it. It can go too.

I was also able to turn off the process that monitors activity and triggers Standby mode. This was an option from the web gui under setting so I switched it off there. The other items are listed in the commands below. I am told that it is the monitorio process and is a resource hog as it runs and polls constantly.