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Your IP Address is Depending on the type of Internet service you subscribe, you may be getting a static or dynamic IP address from your ISP.

A static IP address is a permanent non-changing IP address assigned to you. Most residential gateways and smartphones get a dynamic IP address from their ISP whenever they connect to the Internet.

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In home networks, a gateway or a router is getting an IP address from an ISP and shares this public IP address amongst all devices connected within the home network. You may want to change your public IP address for a variety of reasons. If your IP address is banned by certain game servers or your download allowance from a P2P network has expired, obtaining a different IP address from your current ISP will solve your problem see instruction below.

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However, if you wish to bypass regional censorship and wish to obtain an IP address from a different country, changing an IP address from your ISP will not help. For example, if you want to watch BBC, Netflix, Spotify or Hulu from a region where those services are blocked, you will need a VPN service to obtain an IP address of a country where the service is allowed.

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With VPN, you'll also surf Internet anonymously with added security. For full comparison and company reviews, please visit VPN Comparison page. Depending on how you're connected to the Internet, you may have to reset a device. If you're connected via a router, you'll have to change IP address of your router. If you're connected directly to the Internet via a layer-2 gateway, you'll have to change your computer's IP address.

Most home network is connected via a router, so chances are that you need to change IP address of your router.

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  5. In this article, I will describe how to change IP address of your router and also show you how to change IP address of your computer. There are a number of ways to change IP address, so I'll describe easiest method first and then describe a bit more complicated methods. In order to verify that you've changed an IP address of your device, you'll have to visit Find My IP page of our website. A router is a layer 3 networking device that connects multiple computers to the Internet.

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    In home network with dynamically assigned IP address, a router is assigned a public IP address and all the computers connected to the router are assigned private IP addresses. When computers connected to the router visits the Internet, the world views your computer with a public IP address of your router. So, if you want the world to see you with a different IP address, you'll have to change IP address of the router.

    Here are a few ways to change IP address of your router. If you have only 1 computer at home and connects your computer directly to the Internet via an ISP provided gateway, the following method will allow you to change public IP address of your computer. However, if you're connecting to the Internet via a router, changing your computer's IP address will have no impact on how world is viewing your IP address.

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    So, follow this step only if you're connecting your computer to the Internet directly. On our example above, the IP address has been changed from Note that as with all proxies, surfing can be painfully slow at times. Tuxler works with any browser although the lack of working proxies and 10 MB limit in the free version, mean it can be a bit frustrating. Absolutely good.

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    It good and fast. It can protect one privacy in a secured way.

    I love it and I am glad to experience it. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. Tuxler is designed for those that want to protect their privacy although it can be used to access View full description.

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    Softonic review Tuxler is a simple app that installs independently of your browser and allows you to change your IP address to that of another country instantly. Cisco Packet Tracer Free tool to simulate the behavior of a network. Net Spy Find out what users on your network are doing. Web Explorer Undercover agent monitoring websites visited. Download Tuxler.