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Attack and destroy the enemy fortress Dota 2 is in reality the sequel to the popular Warcraft III Defense of the Ancients and although it was announced in October , it was not released on Mac until summer The aim of each team is to destroy their opposing team's fortified stronghold called "Ancient Fortress".

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Each player takes part in team combat which take place in defensive tower lined alley ways between bases. If you've ever played Defense of the Ancients, then the gameplay is very similar.

It's fast, frenetic and above all, very tactical so requires quick thinking and movement. You play in teams of 5 on 5 and players accumulate Gold for battles one with the more deadly players winning the most and gaining the most experience which permits them to advance to the next level. A lot of components to learn Dota 2 is a huge game. There are hundreds of characters to choose from some of which carry over items and getting to grips with this is a daunting task.

Battles can go on for a very long time and mastering the skills and weapons of your character is essential to success.


It's almost impossible to enjoy Dota 2 if you don't at least use the tutorials to familiarize yourself with the huge range of options available. Plants vs. Zombies Use plants to defend your home from zombies. Age of Empires Version of the popular strategy game for Mac. And yeah, you also earn pretty special titles, badges, and rewards in return. They will merge only when the two tiles of the same number match. With the cut-throat multiplayer competition, you will have to plan a killer strategy and execute it perfectly to grab the victory. The game provides a ton of customization options so that you can bolster your arsenal to rule the galaxy.

Hopefully, you will also love going after them! What happens when the dreading war triggers? And looking at more than destructive tanks, I can safely say that it can liven up your penchant for war games.

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There are 26 battle arenas where players have to encounter endless obstacles posed by rivals. They can build clan to attack in a pack and also use the in-app chat to coordinate each one of their moves. Have a liking for city building and farming? If yes, you will really enjoy having a go at Township. Give your best effort to harvest tons of crops and perfectly process them at your fully equipped facilities. Sell your goods and also trade them astutely to earn a lot of money. Create a huge zoo by collecting animals from around the world. And once your bank is abounded with plenty of dollars, start building an amazing town.

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And yes, use great landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben to decorate your town. Ever wished to have a wonderful aquarium?

Fishdom is what you need to have to not only explore the aquatic world but also be friends with the amazing 3D fish. Fishdom has got a number of match-3 puzzle levels to push your cognitive skill to the sternest test. Beyond solving riddles, you will also get a chance to decorate your dear fish and offer them all the care they truly deserve. Play your cards smartly to sling game-changing spells.

Take control of the heroes of Warcraft to keep your chances of winning the battle afloat. Beware, your enemies might have already planned your downfall and might be waiting for just one bad move to completely throw you out of the game! Beyond the hard-fought duels, win as many cards as you can.

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  8. Plus, also craft some unique ones to let everyone know your admirable creativity. Meet Homescapes to take on puzzles in an amusing way. And you have to help him in swapping and matching pieces so that everything looks in the Apple-pie-order. Watch how each character goes about their business and also interact with them. But do not worry, we check before we post Available games for Mac. Spore -Mac 0 Comments. Max Payne-Mac 0 Comments. Cities in Motion 2-Mac 0 Comments. Torchlight-Mac 0 Comments.


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