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This is a solid high torque cordless wrench for mechanics that are looking for unrestricted movement while working in and around tight areas. This Ingersoll kit has everything you need including the tool, the charger, and two batteries for quick swaps. It also features one of the highest torques on a cordless wrench.

MAC Tools 3/8-Inch 20V Max Brushless Impact Wrench | Shop Tool Reviews

Where is this product made? The wrench is made in China while the batteries are made in Poland. Can the charger be plugged into V? Yes, the charger input can range from VAC. How will warranty issues be handled? If there is a problem while the tool is under warranty, then Ingersoll will pay for the shipping and repair of the product. What does the 1, ft-lbs of nut-busting torque mean? It is the reverse torque for removing corroded wheel lugs with the high rating ensuring success every time.

This wrench is one of the more affordable products in this category so it should attract budget-conscious buyers. This machine should suffice for minor jobs where you are trying to save time and effort. Can this help in taking tires off from the fifth wheel? Yes, its max torque should be enough to get the job done. Is this item durable? Owners say that it is holding up well despite use and abuse. Does it comes with a charger? Yes, it does. It is a complete kit. This is a good kit to add to your collection with a compact wrench, a pair of batteries, and a charger all in a sturdy case.

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The asking price is not too bad either. How many batteries are included in the kit? There are two batteries rated at 3. Is the carry case durable? Owners say that it is durable and well-built. Yes, they can be used with other 20V DeWalt tools. What is the function of the hog ring anvil?

Mac Tools Has Three New Cordless Impact Wrench Kits

Its purpose is to secure pieces to the device. Makita continues to provide high quality tools for power users. This tool features a half-inch square drive and cordless power. It comes with a 3. It is a fairly compact machine at only 10 inches long but it can produce a good amount of torque and RPM. Can this tool be used for automotive applications? Yes, this is powerful and versatile enough to be used for both construction and auto repair.

Where is the product made? Makita products are primarily designed and made in Japan, though some processes may be done in China.

Snap On CT8810 vs. Mac BWP138 cordless impact

Can the torque be reduced for lighter work? No, there is no switch to lower the settings. The IWH runs on 18V batteries with two of them included in this kit. What type of batteries are included in the kit? You will receive two 4. What accessory is needed to turn this into a screwdriver?

Can this remove lug nuts on a car? Yes, but only if these nuts are not too tight. For better results, use a more powerful wrench. Before cordless impact wrenches became popular, users had an option in the pneumatic impact drivers. In most general DIY functions, the users opted for impact drivers due to their higher torque value and general purpose.

This pushed the manufacturers to come up with an equally effective DIY tool in the name of a cordless impact wrench. The options are more compact than the original designs and more effective than impact drivers. The advantage is that they are compact-built and thus great for auto-mechanics and amateurs. They are convenient for removing lug-nuts from tire-rims.

Mac Tools Offers 6 New Impact Wrenches

The tool is fast and effective in removing and tightening screws and bolts. It guarantees that your DIY project is done fast and effortlessly. Generally, the impact wrench is heavier and more powerful than the impact driver. The designs of these wrenches enable them to produce more torque power than their driver counterparts. On a functional basis, the impact drivers are suited for driving screws while the impact wrenches are designed to fasten or loosen sockets. The adapter allows you to use the impact driver with the socket drivers.

Nonetheless, they can use the wrenches in removing bolts and nuts at home. On the other hand, the impact drivers are designed for both DIY and professional use. They are compact and give enough torque for the home application. However, this does not mean that they are superior to the impact wrenches. To find the best cordless impact wrench for the money that you have, you should consider four things. To begin with, you should go for an option that has high power. For the best performance, the wrench should give deliver torques or more.

A higher RPM, more than , translates to less human effort. A higher IPM also translates to less effort. Lastly, you should use a wrench that is compact and lightweight. Set Automotive Impact Wrenches. Hot This Week. Rattle Gun. Shop by Category. Buying format see all. All Listings. Best Offer. Buy It Now.

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Single Item. Drive Size see all. Filter Applied. Air Inlet Size see all. Warranty see all. To promote durability the bodies of the new impacts are made from glass-filled nylon that can withstand automotive fluids. The new impacts come equipped with a variable speed switch that gives the user maximum control and versatility. Mac Tools has a product line in excess of 42, items, and uses the direct sales approach with a mobile sales force of distributors. Driven Brands Inc. It is the first Meineke outlet for new franchisee Darrick Finan. Get the latest news and most popular articles from MTD delivered straight to your inbox.