Xbmc mac crashes on startup


The 1st, or second, post is the stickied recommended add ons monthly post. What version of Kodi are you guys on? Possibly not the issue but it was the only thing I could think of. I had that problem once.

Fix Kodi Startup Crashes: A Few Things You Can Try

I went into the firestick settings to manage the apps - force close kodi and clear cache - it would work. Had to do that every time I started it, so ended up deleting kodi and starting over. No problems since. I had something like this on my shield once when restoring a backup that was using a previous update level of the OS. It ended up being a permissions issue because some of the restore files couldn't overwrite what had been updated and the mismatch made it crap out junk files all of the time.

I still ended up rebuilding but now I know why backups are not the answer if you cannot rely on the ability to downgrade the OS when needed and why you always need to format instead of overwrite. I have PlexKodiConnect syncing my remote media through direct paths and PKC uses playlists to do it's magic - and since all I knew and still know about how it works is that it is F'n magic, I didn't realize that importing my previous playlists would crash it more or less instantly once PKC initated from startup to the point where it saw my imported playlists. TL:DR - Before doing anything drastic, shut down Kodi and go into your userdata and delete or move the playlist files to a safe folder somewhere and then reboot the device and try again.

This is what worked for me. Same was happening to me when I installed Dropped back to Edit: Firestick 2nd gen. Hence I didn't get round to explore its functionality at all. Like 4. Just ignore it then - don't add a useless review just to insult an open source developer.

Like 6. If it's difficult to use or makes no sense, then the app is worthless. He obviously did try it because he installed it. That said, I don't think it deserves just a half star. However, I also think that it is nowhere near as nice as Plex, both in UI and functionality.

How to Fix a Mac not Booting up (Part I)

Like 3. Seems the Plex fanboys are out in force to discredit Kodi. If you don't like the interface then use a different skin - there are plenty. Kodi also works better with local media and doesn't require personal information and registration why is that needed for the free version anyway??? Ugly software, dreadful installation procedure.

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Just Clunky. Like 2. Another troll to disparage Kodi?

Is Plex getting that desperate? Markus, it's funny how you think anyone who dislikes your precious Kodi is a basher from the competition.

What causes the atv2 to crash xbmc?

I'll bet you heard that on Faux News. You can read my negative review below and I'm not associated with Plex - in fact I've never used it. With hundreds of servers worldwide, no speed cap or throttling, unlimited bandwidth, unrestricted traffic, a strict no-logging policy and client software available for most platforms, IPVanish delivers impressive performance and value. IPVanish offers a 7-day money back guarantee which means you have a week to test it risk-free. There are a few easy things you can try to try to fix Kodi startup crashes. They are relatively easy and they might just.

If Kodi has always worked well and suddenly starts crashing on startup, there can only be one reason, something has recently changed. So, fixing Kodi startup crashes is nothing more than finding what has changed and reverting it back to how it was. Sounds easy, right? Well, it actually is a bit more complicated than you might think.

The reason: many changes happen automatically without you being aware of them. A recent Kodi upgrade is a common cause of Kodi startup crashes. You see, the Kodi development team spends a considerable amount of time debugging and testing their code. But there is no way they can test every possible combination of hardware and software on each and all supported platforms.

The first one and it is a common solution to so many issues, especially in the Windows world is to reboot the device. It could be all that is needed. The problem might be somewhere else. There could be an add-on that is incompatible with the newer version of Kodi and causing it to crash.

Fix Kodi Startup Crashes: A Few Things You Can Try

It might, therefore, be a good idea to go through the systematic add-on debugging described below. This is probably the most common cause of Kodi startup crashes. As a best practice, restart Kodi after installing or upgrading any add-on.

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You first need to start from the Kodi userdata folder. Its location varies depending on your operating system. Here are the locations for the most common ones:. In our example, the folder is called plugin. Simply delete the folder to remove the add-on from Kodi. First, it no longer crashes and second, the add-on is not there anymore,.

2. Check your Startup Items

Your antivirus could be causing Kodi startup crashes.